Partial Car Wrap

  • We use only the highest quality vehicle wrap materials on the market
  • Your image on special high-performance, adhesive-backed vinyl which is then sealed with a protective UV laminate film
  • The main advantage to a partial wrap is the cost-effectiveness, compared to a full wrap. We still use the same high-quality 3M Controltac vinyl to produce partial wraps, but we use less material.

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An economical option to the full vehicle wrap is a partial vehicle wrap. A partial wrap integrates the color of the vehicle into the design of the wrap. With a partial vehicle wrap, anywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 of the vehicle is wrapped, with spot graphics or decals strategically placed to finalize your marketing message and the design. A properly designed and installed partial vehicle wrap can be just as impactful and effective as a full vehicle wrap, at a fraction of the cost.