Board Signs San Diego

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic sign printing is ideal when you have a backlit light panel project for indoor or outdoor signage needs. You can use Acrylic signs to replace your old light box panel. Acrylic sign are also great when you need professional and impressive look of your graphic or artwork.
Aluminum Signs

Lightweight, yet sturdy, aluminum is a great choice for outdoor signs. Recycled composite core sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum make these panels extremely lightweight and durable. Aluminum signs are designed to last for years. You can get Aluminum signs in either 1 or full color. We recommend full color.
Coroplast Signs

Coroplast is ideal for indoor and outdoor economic sign needs. These corrugated plastic boards are tough, very light-weighted, and waterproof. With our printed economic coroplast signs you can reach large audiences. Coroplast signs make great yard signs, arrow signs, parking signs, and roadside signs.
Foam Board Signs

Self-Adhesive foam core board is quick and easy to use. Just peel the backing paper and stick. Foam core boards are great for event signage, trade shows and art projects. Unlike poster papers or vinyl self-adhesive core boards are very rigid and can be placed on an easel or stick completely flat on a wall or surface wrinkle and bubble free.
Gator Board Signs

Gator Board is a durable board that resists dents and punctures. The exceptionally hard and smooth surface is uniform and blemish free. It is ideal for indoor or outdoor signs. Gator Board prints are great for when you need more stability than the standard Foam Board.
PVC Plastic Signs

Light weight and inexpensive PVC plastic is perfect for indoor and sometimes outdoor signage. PVC plastic signs have a smooth satin finish. The PVC Plastic Sign material comes in white and several standard, rich, vibrant colors. Plastic PVC Signs are inexpensive to purchase, yet highly durable and professional in appearance.
Plexiglass Face Mounting

The face-mounting or front mounting is a process of mounting the graphic face on a clear acrylic or Plexiglas sheet by using optically clear adhesive and the back of graphic on another substrate. The graphic is sandwiched (acrylic sandwich) between two sheets of substrates. There are many kinds and thickness of substrates for backing.
Poster Printing

Posters are one of the most cost effective ways of reaching out to your target audience. It also gives you an opportunity to broadcast your message and reach a higher percentage of people within a shorter period of time. Posters are an inexpensive advertising tool that will enable you to convey messages about your company, special events, products or services.

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